Ripple Reads Scholarship Fund

The Ripple Reads Scholarship Fund provides underserved children and their families with access to books and content to help them engage in meaningful, age-appropriate conversations about race and justice. 

The fund was launched through the generous support of Kendra Scott, based on their corporate commitment to helping build a world where all children live their brightest and most empowered lives.

The current nonprofit partner to the fund is Friends of the Children. Friends of the Children selects and invites youth – all of whom have unique talents, interests and dreams, and face multiple systemic obstacles – to be paired with a paid, professional mentor called a Friend. Friends are hired and trained to support youth from as early as age 4 through high school graduation – 12+ years, no matter what with the mission of breaking cycles of generational poverty. Friends receive memberships to Ripple Reads, thus impacting the families of over 8 children each. 

If you would like to help us achieve our vision of a country where every child is educated and empowered to stand up for justice, we invite you to join us in supporting the fund.