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Our partners apply their decades of research and a depth of knowledge on curriculum and best practices for discussing race with children to the family guides and content we distribute.

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Families that can talk about race and empathy are families that can stand up for justice. Join the mission to raise kids who will be educated, empowered and excited to dismantle racism.

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It's never too soon to talk to kids about race and books are a perfect entry point. Ripple Reads makes it easy to keep crucial conversations going by delivering expertly curated books and family discussion guides to your doorstep.

Maya Smart, Mom, Author & Literacy Advocate

Fighting racism can seem like an insurmountable task, but as a parent, we have one very actionable step we can take right now, at home, and that's teaching our kids. Ripple Reads helps us take that step.

Camille Style, Mom & Lifestyle Blogger

Ripple Reads is fantastic! I'm passionate about opening my child's eyes to the beautifully diverse world we live in, and I'm grateful to have the support I need as a parent to have these conversations with my child and take action together.

Alex Winkelman, Mom & Founder of Hello My Tribe


Do you have questions about discussing race with children or want to know exactly how our recurring subscription works?

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Is Ripple Reads a nonprofit?

Yes! We are. Our subscription-based book club, scholarship fund and other services are made possible by our parent organization, Notley, amazing partners and sponsors committed to social justice and of course you, our Ripple Reads community.

If my kids don't see race, why should I show it to them?

Countless studies have proven that children recognize and respond to racial differences as early as 3 months old! When we as parents don't actively explain to our children why most princesses and superheroes have white skin or why people with dark skin tend to be overrepresented in the poor parts of town, we leave them to create their own stories to make sense of these disparities. Without intervention, the stories children tell themselves can form a foundation for future prejudice that reinforces racial injustice. Read more.

How old should my child be for Ripple Reads?

Right now, the books we select are age appropriate for elementary grades K-6. That said, our workbook and family discussion guides are helpful for adolescent and caregivers themselves of any age! It's never too early or too late to be learning how to have meaningful conversations about race.

How does the subscription work?

You will receive a Ripple Reads kit every other month which include a picture book, companion workbook and other fun surprises like sticker sheets, notebooks and postcards. Your shipping & billing cycle begin the day of the month you sign up. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time for any reason. See all subscription FAQs here.

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